Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that we’ve already alluded to the fact that Jessie J performed at the recent Radio 1 Big Weekend event wearing some pretty fancy clothes. Turns out Nicole Scherzinger was there too.

Sorry about the oversight – what can we say, it was Monday morning, we didn’t really wake up until about half past three. We were moving around, and everything, but we can’t really say we woke up properly until late afternoon. It was a hard weekend. And by hard we mean “drunk.” 

Nicole Scherzinger on stage at the Big Weekend 2011
And by "drunk" we mean "really goddamn drunk"

Let’s not witter on about exactly how drunk FHM got when it tried to drink its bodyweight in red wine, though, nor the frankly staggering hangover that came after (we could barely walk!). Instead, let’s focus on the lovely Nicole Scherzinger.

Lovely neon-jumpsuited Nicole Scherzinger. To be honest we’re kind of glad we missed her yesterday, as the vibrant patterns and bright colours would have probably juast made our headache worse. Now, though, we’re getting back to something approaching normality.

Nicole Scherzinger performs at Big Weekend 2011
Still can't stand up for too long though

Nicole took to the stage in Carlisle as part of Radio 1’s festival event, bringing her standard pop hits in combination with a snazzy Tron-eqsue jumpsuit and several lightsabers. Well, alright, they were strip lights, but they looked pretty cool on stage.

If you fancy it, you can watch her perform “Don’t Hold Your Breath” live on stage with the aforementioned jumpsuit and lightsabers by clicking on the video below. It also contains footage of Lewis Hamilton looking sheepish in the crowd, which is sort of cute.