Nicole Scherzinger was a guest star on the X Factor results show last night. She sang her new single, Poison, while sporting this rather fruity outfit and hairdo.

Nicole Scherzinger is a very attractive woman. Nobody would dispute that. Just like nobody would argue that it’s not flipping freezing at the moment or that the film Megashark vs. Giant Octopus isn’t “a bit shit”. On that note, there’s a sequel coming out, y’know. Megashark vs. Crocosaurus. HOW? WHY? HELP?

Anyway, being an undisputedly attractive woman seems to have gone to Nicole Scherzinger’s head a bit. It would do, really. If everyone’s always telling you how lovely you are, you’re going to start to believe it.

Konnie Huq, for example, herself no stranger to a compliment, spent half of The Xtra Factor last night gushing to Nicole: “Nicole Scherzinger, you’ve got it all. Looking gorgeous… wearing sexy outfits… err… dancing… looking fantastic… being gorgeo… oh, already done that one… ah! Singing! That’s it, singing! You really are wonderful. God, I love you,” she said, or something like that.

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This constant bombardment with compliments has clearly affected Nicole, manifesting itself last night in a rather unconventional hairdo. Nicole Scherzinger normally has lovely hair. It’s long, sleek, lustrous and shiny. Like a stretched labrador with a healthy lifestyle. But, last night, she decided to go for some kind of Princess-Leia-meets-Minnie-Mouse creation. Perhaps she wanted to see whether anyone would say, "Hey, Nicole. You still look lovely and that but don't you think that hairdo is a bit odd?"

They didn't.


Hey, Nicole. You still look lovely and that but don't you think that hairdo is a bit odd?

She really is lovely though.