Stop what you’re doing right now. Right now, we mean it. Minimise that spreadsheet, close that cat YouTube video and listen up because we’re about to change your week for the better by introducing you to the very sexy Nicole Williams.

A model you might have seen previously teasing Robin Thicke in his shoot for Treats! magazine or pulling on La Senza’s finest suspenders in their ad campaigns.

Nicole Williams is a woman so hot that if we were still in ancient times people would be building statues and temples for her and setting fire to all their crops and stuff as sacrifices.

Here’s why she’s going to be clogging up your mind with dirty thoughts…

She could be the next Emily Ratajkowski


Say what you like about Robin Thicke (and those Beetlejuice trousers…) but when it comes to sexy ladies, he definitely seems to be a fricking magnet. Along with a few other extremely beautiful ladies, Nicole popped up in the video for his recent shoot with Treats! magazine.

To say she stole the show is an understatement.


She’s the reason you buy sexy underwear for your girlfriend

Yup, that’s right, when you’re aimlessly dawdling around the high street trying to find the perfect present for your girlfriend and you’re seduced by beauty on a towering billboard, the chances are it’s Nicole unleashing her sexy for La Senza.

Check out more of her awesome La Senza snaps here.

Her instagram is bloody brilliant.


From amazing pictures of dogs, to hot gym selfies and hanging out with her other equally sexy pals, it’s full of the kind of stuff that makes the world go round.

Follow her here.

She shares her name with Rihanna's poledancing teacher

Which is just awesome.

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