7 sexy ladies who made us forget that the weather was absolutely ridiculous this month

Posted by , 31 March 2014

Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal. Read her pretty name and burn it into your mindmush, because she's going to be huge. Bigger than skyscrapers, a selfie taken by Ellen and Kate Upton in space.

Agdal is a cooler-than-thou Danish fashion model that first kick-started our attention motor when she started modelling for Victoria's Secret. Before long, she managed to fall into the eyeline of Sports Illustrated and the rest is sexy history.

Here's why she's your new favourite...

She’s so pretty she can make you dizzier than this background.

This is what she wore when she was watching the Oscars

She’s a big supporter of sun safety.

She has absolutely zero qualms about being naked, or more specifically being painted when she’s naked, like this…

That was her larking around with Ariel Merideth for Sports Illustrated. Here’s how she explained it to Cosmopolitan…

"You get everything painted. Every single thing you see on the body is paint. You're wearing nothing. You're naked. So you have to get certain areas painted, you have to stand in certain positions until you get really close to the girl who is painting you or the guy. So that was kind of new to me. It was like being at the gynecologist, basically."

Wow, right?

She likes burgers as much as you do. Which makes her the perfect girlfriend, right?

That works quite well as she’s currently single, which means you have a very good (slim) chance of becoming her boyfriend.

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