Olivia Munn is down with the double entendres, because Olivia Munn is choking a chicken. Not a real chicken, because she’d get in trouble, but a rubber chicken. Last week, Olivia Munn was putting a cookie in her mouth, but that story was actually about what it said it was about. Here, Olivia Munn is choking a chicken to help promote new NBC sitcom Perfect Couples. If you watch it, maybe Olivia Munn will choke your chicken.

Let’s look at some more excellent double entendres:

Like the ‘We have smooth shafts and clean balls’ billboard FHM once saw outside a pool hall in Nevada. Or when Bond shoves the air pellet down Dr. Karanga’s throat in Live and Let Die, watches him hit the ceiling and explode, then quips, “Oh, he always did have an inflated opinion of himself.” Or the fact that in Oliver Twist, Charlie Bates is referred to as Master Bates for several hundred pages. Or the entire collection of merchandise produced by Delaware seafood restaurant Crabby Dicks.

Or that little-known headline that read, ‘Futon the pedal! 92mph sofa!’

Or every time a birdwatcher mutters to another birdwatcher that they’ve just seen a tit. Or in Devil May Cry 3 when Monster Clown calls the Temen-ni-Gru tower a “thick shaft that causes women to shudder.” Or when Chup-a-Chups lollipops used to use the slogan, ‘The Joy of Sucking’. Or when weightlifting commentator Pat Glenn said, “And here comes Greogriava from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch yesterday and it was amazing.”

Olvia Munn choke chicken
FHM does not condone the choking of chickens