Olivia Munn’s been amazing for a long time now what with her appearances as Senior Asian Correspondent on excellent American TV programmes like The Daily Show and her being all funny and that, but what she’s done now is go and be even more amazing. Here’s an example from the latest issue of Rolling Stone in which she is featured and she is interviewed and she is in a video looking all great (see above):

Rolling Stone: “What are the dos and don’ts of dating Olivia Munn?”

Olivia Munn: “Don’t be a douchebag. Don’t have a small penis.”

Rolling Stone: “Who’s your favourite TV character?”

Olivia Munn: “Probably Don Draper. I see myself in him. I love pussy… so much. Pussy and cigarettes all day long.”

Yes Olivia Munn! Good answers all round. Congratulations. Now: take a look at her face. Isn’t it excellent? That’s because she’s got some Chinese blood in her which is combining with the American in her and creating her slightly unusual facial features. Her features are attractive. She is attractive. We are attractive. You are attractive. We’re all attractive. Let’s have a party and deliberately not invite any ugly people. Ugly people suck. We’re not ugly. You’re not ugly. Olivia Munn’s not ugly. Now: take a look at her FHM covergirl profile. And take a look at her FHM gallery. Bye bye now.

Here's a picture from Rolling Stone: