Olivia Munn was on a red carpet this week. For attractive famous people, this is a staple part of their day-to-day routine. You know, go to a red carpet thing, have drinks in a fun nightclub, open a new orphanage etc.

For us, it’s more like remembering to defrost that pizza, trying not to swallow our mouthwash and avoiding eye contact with that homeless man when we walk past Tesco because he always says “Any money?” and we say “No, sorry” but then we emerge with like 4 bags of shopping and he’s like “He does have money. Dick.”

 Olivia Munn purple and yellow dress
Fact: Olivia's dress is also an ink-blot test. What do YOU see?

If you’ve never been to a launch party, let us explain how they work. Launching a new range of bags, shoes or breed of dog is always a jovial affair, since there are often freebies. At a launch the other week FHM got a free watch, but only because they were out of Dalmatians.

Anyway as part of her national campaign to pose on a lot of red carpets (and look amazing), Olivia Munn was posing on a red carpet. As you can see, she has her hand on her hip.

This is a very important modeling/posing trick. It gives them a bit of attitude (as oppose to say, stuffing their hand in their pockets or fiddling with a cigarette lighter) while showing they’re relaxed and chilled.

Olivia Munn red carpet purple yellow dress
"Stop stealing finger food, Phil."

Since she appears on a lot of red carpets, someone who works for Olivia Munn actually follows her around with a tally, ticking off places she has posed at and compiling a huge map. Sometimes, he steals canapés, but if he ever gets caught then Olivia reprimands him.

We will be back next week with Carpet Watch, in which we track Olivia Munn’s smiling and opening of things like Giraffe Hospitals and Sandwich Factories.