Olivia Munn had someone take a picture of her eating a cookie while backstage at The David Letterman Show earlier this week. Her appearance on the show, for which she wore a low-cut black dress, was a roaring success, because she wore a low-cut black dress.

The American actress, who’s also the author of the excellently titled book, Suck It, Wonder Woman, offered her Twitter followers a sneak peak of her backstage dressing room when she posted this picture of her ploughing into a delicious looking cookie on the web.

Munchies: Olivia's binges were getting way out of control

Getting that close to the all-American dough made us watery-mouthed for some flat-baked treats. In fact, it reminded FHM of the lengths our one-time hero, the cartoon character Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes, often went to in order to secure a biscuit fix.

Our favourite of Calvin’s attempted heists, which actually worked because he found himself pitched against a fellow six year old and not a wizened adult, went like this:

Little girl: "Want to trade sandwiches, Calvin?”
Calvin: “No, I've got my favourite kind. What did you bring?”
Little girl: “Peanut butter.”
Calvin: “I have processed mouse loaf.”
Little girl: “Oh, gross. That's not really mouse loaf. It looks like egg salad.”
Calvin: “Taste it and see. Here. I think this is a whisker, it's good."
Little girl: “Forget it. I don't even want my own lunch anymore.”
Calvin: “You don't? What kind of cookies are those?”