What do the stock exchange and Olivia Munn have in common? Think about that one for a second. If you think for a long time, you’ll probably come up with something, but actually, they have nothing in common. We sort of tricked you.

But Olivia Munn was at the New York stock exchange this week, ringing the bell that they ring at the end of a stock day. Now, our know-how of the stock market is weak but we think that at the end of the day, Olivia Munn (or someone similar) rings a bell and people go home. Like school.

Personally, we think Olivia Munn did a good job. Can you do a bad job at ringing a bell - that is, can you do it wrong?

Olivia liked to keep her credit card on display for all to see.

In a recent interview, Olivia admitted that she had a more lax approach to dating than those other celebs. You know the ones. They go to a restaurant in the city hot-spot and then get surprised when the paps turn up.

Instead, Olivia likes to go to low-key places and even has takeaways. She sounds like our kind of girl, since we got barred from McDonalds after trying to start 2am McKareoke there. Those guys don’t know what they’re missing.

But with all her relaxedness, her great bell-ringing and her shiny badge we can’t help but think Olivia Munn has it all. Well, she doesn’t have a pig nose or a third nipple, but they’re less desirable than say, a really nice shiny badge.