Olivia Munn’s been looking after the environment. All on her own. Well, maybe not all on her own, but she has been anonymously showing her willingness to save the world by showing up to a very public event in very public fashion:

Not that we’re knocking her for it, mind. She was at the 2010 Environmental Media Association Awards in California over the weekend, where the likes of Lexus and Toyota were also showing off their ability to find new ways of making cars that are slower, more expensive and less practical, while having mini oil power plants under the bonnet to churn out electricity to drive the new electric motor. Ah, hybrids.

Anyway, we’re not going to focus on saving the world right now – we’ve had a long day of failing to play videos and running to Oxford Street during our lunch break to try and find a t-shirt that wasn’t even there. Not that we’re bitter about the wasted time at all, but our ‘bit for the environment’ was traveling by foot. So instead we’re going to focus on the lovely Olivia, who was definitely showing off a bit of side-boob:

We think it would have been much more environmentally friendly if Olivia had turned up completely naked, as this would have reduced the emissions from the transport used to deliver her dress and underwear. But she’s obviously not THAT bothered about saving the world. OK, so FHM’s methods to help the planet are a little extreme, but there’s potential there.