If you were one of those who wet themselves about Avatar, then you're probably already losing bowel control in anticipation of Tron: Legacy on a daily basis. Yes, the long awaited sequel to the 1982 original is almost upon us. And it's going to make James Cameron's recent efforts look like Steamboat Willie. Everyone then questioned how Avatar could possibly be surpassed, but now, how quickly is it in danger of becoming outdated?

The frightening passage of modern technology has this effect. It wasn't like the old days, when a new invention would last at least a generation before something better came along. Now, time has been constrained to such an extent that if you decided to go and dwell in a cave for a couple of years, you'd be about as clued up as a thirteenth-century French peasant suddenly arriving at your door, demanding to know where his potatoes were being hidden.

Jeff Bridges goes in for the kill. Restraining order pending...

Right, we should probably get to the bit you're most interested in. Olivia Wilde. She was at the Leicester Square premiere of the film yesterday night with Jeff Bridges in tow, salivating in a manner not too dissimilar from Jabba the Hutt. Olivia plays Quorra in the film, a program warrior given the task of protecting Bridges's character, human creator Kevin Flynn. No wonder he's keeping close to her.

It's hard to believe that Olivia is only a figment of a programmer's imagination

Like Avatar, we suggest you don't try to get too bogged down with plot detail in this one, because it'll only ruin it for everyone. When we actually started listening to the Na'vi dialogue, we were dismayed (having learned the language the week before) that what they were saying did in fact not correspond to the subtitles. If you don't believe us, learn Na'vi, then watch it again. But at least in Tron we've got Olivia to look at, should we get tired of being continually overwhelmed by the transiently impressive graphics.