Olivia Wilde probably isn’t what you’d call ‘A-list’. So here’s a quick recap on who she is:

She was born on the 10th of March 1984 and christened Olivia Jane Cockburn. She’s an Irish-American actress and model. That means she’s Irish-American and makes a living acting and modelling, not that she models things that are Irish-American and has acting roles portraying Irish-American people. Thought we’d better make that clear; language can be a cruel, cruel mistress.

She first burst onto our radar in The O.C, playing a very sexy and very bisexual ‘Alex’ who couldn’t keep herself from snogging other sexy girls, including, wonderfully, Mischa Barton.

Since then, she’s done loads of other films and telly and stuff, but when you get your big break tonguing Mischa Barton, you might as well just retire and reflect on an excellent career.

If you hadn’t noticed yet, Olivia Wilde is hot. Our editorial integrity prevents us from using terms like H-O-T-T hott, but if it didn’t, we’d use it here. But it does. So we won’t.

We don't like the 'chav facelift' but she's still hot as hell

She once topped Maxim’s Hot 100. She once came 95th in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women. Standards, y’see.

Megan Fox once said that Olivia is so sexy she makes her want to “strangle a mountain ox with her bare hands”. And Megan Fox knows a thing or two about sexy.

En-ee-way… the point of the story was meant to be that Olivia Wilde has been hitting the gym before filming a nude scene for her forthcoming film, Cowboys and Aliens, but we’ve run out of time now, so you’ll just have to make do with the pictures instead.

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