In what may be the surprise of the century so far, 22-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel has been pictured wearing a bikini, on a beach, looking hot.  It shocked us almost as much as finding out that the nation’s sweetheart and arch-enemy of X-Factor hero Wagner (pronounced Vaaaagner) - Cheryl Cole, is from a council estate. NO FREAKIN' WAY.

Yeah, safe to say, we weren’t actually that surprised.  

So, this isn’t the most newsworthy story ever. Sorry. If you are genuinely unhappy by the lack of newsworthy-ness of this article, then you can direct your complaints to the woman herself.

This will probably be her response:

Shhh: That's how Victoria's Secret models deal with the haters

We’re not going to blame Candice for not doing anything other than not wear very much, though. It is her job, after all, to wear bikinis and lingerie. And coincidentally, she wears bikinis and lingerie very well. If you don’t believe us, see for yourselves …

All smiles: We'd look this happy if we were on a beach at this time of year

Stranded: Forget Crusoe, this is the castaway we want to pick up

Speaking of Ms.Swanepoel, last week, we showed you Candice’s pictures from VMAN magazine. In the article we commented on a shot of the South African model baring her behind while standing beside two angry S&M fans that looked very much like our royal highnesses Princes Harry and William.

Here's a reminder:

Bare: Don't you just hate forgetting to wear trousers?

Since that article was published, it has been revealed that Wills is actually getting married to Kate Whatsherface, which pretty much ends the rumour that Candice was a potential candidate to be the next queen of England. We’re not sure if it was a rumour, actually, but it’s definitely not the case, regardless.

In hindsight, it would be pretty cool to have a queen who looked that good in bikinis, though, right? Not that we don’t think HRH Queen Liz would look great in a Victoria’s Secret two-piece.

On second thoughts… maybe not.

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