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When you're finished reading this month's brand new issue, you might want to keep hold of it to use as a fan.

Why? Because this month's cover star is going to make you sweat more than a sumo wrestler in a sauna with woolly socks on.

No, really. Not only have we got Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson on the cover in her first ever sexy shoot, but the 'constructed reality' TV star (whatever that means) will also appear in FHM's Get Fit With Lucy video series. So make sure you keep up.

Over the past 18 months, Lucy has gone from just another posh girl in West London to a headline-grabbing, paparazzi-hounded, bona fide celebrity in her own right. In fact, it's not just the tabloids that love her. Her selfie-heavy Instagram and Twitter accounts are followed by well over a million people who, on closer inspection, aren't just Made In Chelsea super-fans.

Trust us - you don't need to watch the show to enjoy what we've got in store for you this month.

Because as if the sensational shoot and sweaty videos weren't enough to raise your pulse, Lucy also gives an interview sexy enough to make our pages blush. Grab your copy of the mag now to read her thoughts on exes, "dick-dipping" and dressing up as a sexy police officer.

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