Charlie Chaplin is famous for many things. Defining the history of comedy forever, for example. Or managing to prove that sometimes nice people are also allowed to sport square lip moustaches, not just evil Hitler-types.

He also wrote the song Smile. Which is a pretty brilliant pub fact if we say so ourselves.

What he’s not really as well-known for is for having a combination of genes that, for one reason or another, managed to create one of the sexiest ladies in the entire world.

Enter Oona Chaplin - Charlie’s amazing, beautiful and talented granddaughter.

You might recognise her as Dr Watson’s teacher girlfriend in Sherlock.

Or as Talisa Maegyr in Game of Thrones where she does things like this…

What this tells you is that she’s starred in two absolutely huge smash hit TV shows so, you know, she’s kind of a big deal. Just like her grandaddy. And she's so sexy that when we open our mouth, our tongue gets covered in carpet dust.

Here’s why we can’t get her our of our heads right now…

She can read you like a book.

All at once this is both the sexiest thing we’ve ever seen and also so intimidating that it’s made our testicles pack their bags and run away to join the circus.

She’s the only person in the world that can smoke an e-cig and make it look cool.


She did this music video where she plays a properly badass and empowering stripper.


She's pretty funny.

But also really bloody sassy.


Sassy, sassy awesomeness.