Name: Amanda Byram
Age: 39
Why she’s a MAM: She's a former model, so it goes without saying that Amanda Byram has always been hot. And, like a fine wine, she's only got better with age. Hosting Total Wipeout with her sexy Irish tones, she's the perfect distraction from Richard 'The Hamster' Hammond's ever-baffling hair and overly-enthusiastic punnery.

But if that doesn't win you over, she also (sort of) knows magic and looks AMAZING in sequins which, from our own experience, is a hard look to carry off. And carry it off she does. Like a boss. 

Her fanbase: Byram is global. She first conquered her Irish homeland in her modelling days before going into presenting, then stepped over to our fair shores with The Big Breakfast.

Not content with wooing the UK, she then shipped herself over to the US, seducing our brothers across the pond with gigs on Paradise Hotel and The Swan. Making her one extremely international MAM.

We dare you to disagree!
Reckon we've Totally Wiped Out and we're overlooking an even MAMier presenter? Then let's hear who and why!