Name: Eva Mendes

Age: 39

Why she’s a MAM:
Eva Mendes first caught our eye all the way back in 2001, alongside Denzel Washington in Training Day.

Since then, she's made herself a delicious, cinematic smorgasbord, appearing in everything from 2 Fast 2 Furious to Hitch to, err, The Spirit. But let's no dwell on that one for too long...

What's especially great about Eva Mendes seeming to never age is the fact it secretly makes us feel young too. If she's isn't looking any older, than neither are we..right? RIGHT??

More recently, you can see her on the arm of Ryan Gosling and starring opposite him in The Place Beyond The Pines. Here's a clip from the highly-anticipated crime drama:


Her fanbase:

Dedicated Facebook pages include Eva Mendes is the most beutiful thing I have ever seen in my life (sic) and Happy Birthday, Eva Mendes, so there's no question of the countless admirers this MAM has acquired.

Her own her official Facebook page, in particular has a whopping 2.5 million fans. Which is a lot of cyber admirers.

Need more? Here she is all sexy in gif form...


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