Name: Sofia Vergara

Age: 40

Why she’s a MAM:
Sofia Vergara is best known for playing uber-hot and hilarious Latino mum Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the US series Modern Family and it didn't take long for her to grab the world's attention.

The Columbian actress and, unsurprisingly, former model was first discovered by a photographer on a beach in Columbia (nice work if you can get it) and came into the public eye as a TV host on a couple of Spanish-language shows.

Nowadays, she's topping Forbes Lists as the highest-paid actress in TV. Watch the brilliant clip below of her best moments to see why:

Suddenly got a mad desire to rush out and buy a Modern Family boxset? Us too.

Her fanbase:

Her official Facebook fan page has over 750,000 likes and there's even one dedicated to her boobs. Of course there is.

Converted? Then you can follow her on Twitter. But ONLY on Twitter, not in real life.

That would be dead weird and illegal, you little rascals.

And what's more...this woman is the reason GIFs exist:

Sofia Vergara GIF

Sofia Vergara GIF

Sofia Vergara GIF

Sofia Vergara GIF

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