There is one thing greater than a very beautiful woman: A very beautiful woman who doesn't act like she knows it. Emma Stone is just such a woman. She is undeniably attractive, but she has the sense of humour of a silly teenage boy, in a good way. You would never catch her pouting in the corner at a party, refusing to talk to anyone she didn't know and just repeatedly checking herself in a mirror and insisting you talk to her and only her. She'd be doing ridiculous dancing to terrible songs and laughing with everyone, and it would be totally hot.

Here is an example of how great Emma Stone can look, as she did on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night in America:

Emma Stone on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

See, very attractive. But then instead of sitting blankly during her interview, reciting something bland about how 'giving' all her costars are and how she's totally blessed to be doing what she does, she titted about with some kind of dumbbell or something (we don't know quite what she's doing, since we didn't see the show, since we don't live in America). Much more fun.

Emma Stone

Have you seen her in Zombieland? Why not? What is WRONG with you? It's a great film, and she's brilliant in it. Watch some.


Now go out and buy a DVD and watch the rest. Basically, Emma Stone, we pretty much love you. So there's that.