Remember how simple things were in the nineties? The toughest decision you had to make all day was between Coco Pops and Sugar Puffs. Things were definitely better back then. We had awesome films like Independence Day, pop bands like Steps and TV shows like Baywatch.

"I'm how old? You're fired"

A huge influence on the lives of every boy (and girl) who grew up during the nineties, Baywatch pretty much only existed to teach us to lower our expectations early on. For girls, Baywatch carried the harsh message that brains will get you nowhere near the great hairy chest of David Hasselhoff. And for boys, it was a cruel mini-taster of the beautiful women we would lust over, and eventually be rejected by, later in life.

Our favourite lifeguard on the show was Pamela Anderson. We use the term ‘lifeguard’ loosely, we suspect if the actors on the show had actually been duty-bound to save drowning members of the public there might have been tears before bedtime.

"Am I doing this right? Hoff? ANYONE??"

Pammy, once the epitome of hotness the world over, is now a mind-blowing where-the-hell-did-the-last-fifteen-years-go 44 years old. And you know what? She still looks gooood, as these pictures from her recent birthday party at Paris nightclub in Las Vegas prove.

Pammy is clearly dealing with the ageing process far better than us. Our last birthday was cut short after we had the sudden realisation that we were too old to apply for Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. It’s not that we wanted to, we just would have liked the option, you know?

Happy birthday Pammy, here’s to another 44 years. To us you are always flawless.

"You kids have got a lot to learn"