In this video, Paris Hilton’s boyfriend (Cy Wait) runs over a fat member of the paparazzi.

It’s difficult to feel sorry for anyone in the paparazzi because if were surrounded by a bunch of people taking photos of us doing nothing in the hope that they get to see our balls we’d probably run the buggers over as well. But then it’s difficult to feel sorry for Paris Hilton, because she probably loves the paparazzi and tells them where she’s going and who she’s going with so they can follow her round and get her in the papers by taking a picture of her vagina.

This life, this world, it’s all so weird.

Later, Paris tweeted: "Lovely evening with friends and family ruined by aggressive paparazzi. They are literally insane!" She’s wrong, of course. The chances of a whole group of severely mentally ill people congregating outside a restaurant to take pictures of the ‘socialite’ is very unlikely, even if they went wild on day release like in the film Girl, Interrupted (and possibly the film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest but we can’t remember) and were being egged on by a very excitable doctor.

That would never happen.

It might though. Stranger things than that happen all the time. Like Cheryl Cole putting that blonde girl Katy through to the final three. Or tube strikes. Or the front cover of the new Carl Barat album. Or the Jolly Green Giant in those sweetcorn adverts. Or the way the Milkybar Kid never gets old.