Paula Patton is in Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, which is nice. Simon Pegg's in it too, and while we love him, he doesn't look nearly as good in a silver dress so there're no pictures of him in this article. Sorry, Simon.

Paula Patton
We hope you understand though

We genuinely enjoyed Mission: Impossible 3, if we're being honest – it took the ridiculousness of M:I 2 and downgraded it just a pinch with some torture scenes, which spice up any film in our opinion.1

Plus it had Philip Seymour Hoffman getting beaten up a lot, which is something anyone can enjoy – not that we don't like the guy, or anything, he's just got a face that looks good being punched. So we're kind of interested in the latest film in the series, which is an unusual thing to be saying about a franchise once it gets a 4 on the end of it. But there we go.

Paula Patton
Unless you count Sexy Cops on Butt Patrol 4, which of course is a classic

Paula Patton is in it, too, and she's as good as any torture scene (probably even better, we'd wager!) – if you're not aware of her previous work, that's because she's not done a whole bundle of it that you'd notice. She was in feelgood Will Smith vehicle Hitch for about twenty seconds and... well, that's about all she's done that you'll have heard of. It was a really good twenty seconds, though.

Will Paula's charms be enough to ward off the increasingly weird feeling we get when we see Tom Cruise onscreen, like there's something crawling across the back our neck or just darting out of our field of vision in a dark corridor? Hopefully. Otherwise it's gonna be a long film.

1 Our radical re-imagining of Bambi didn't go down well amongst test audiences though