If Paz de la Huerta doesn’t look familiar, then chances are you missed out on what was meant to be the second coming of the television age. Also known as Boardwalk Empire, it was supposed to be the show that would finally take away that gnawing ache of emptiness left by The Sopranos.

Sadly, although Boardwalk is pretty cool, Steve Buscemi and his merry gang of prohibition-era mobsters don't quite live up to the legacy left by a bunch of fat guys sex-pesting their way around New Jersey.

There is one redeeming feature, though, and it comes in the form of the effortlessly nubile Paz de la Huerta, Boardwalk’s resident boozy stripper and mob girlfriend.

"This is my short black dress..."

Paz quickly got a name for herself among viewers for being notoriously clothes-shy. Luckily for us she’s taken her on-screen role entirely seriously and continues this trend in real life, as these pictures of her out and about in New York seem to suggest.

Unfortunately for any budding suitors out there, she may have also have taken the ‘boozy’ part of her character a tad too literally. She’s currently receiving alcohol counseling and undergoing trial for assault after she chucked a glass at fellow actress Samantha Swetra back in March.


"And this is my long one. I like to mix it up."

Hmm. You might be a bit too much for us, Paz. Beautiful though you may be, we get enough of those girls in the local Weatherspoons. Nice dresses, though.