We’ve all seen them, probably in less reputable publications than this - shots of some unfortunate starlet who, whilst doing something innocuous like getting out of a car or picking up a dropped purse, accidentally flashes their knickers at the paparazzi. Cue front pages on the red-tops and shameful faces all around. The strikingly beautiful Paz De La Huerta (off Boardwalk Empire) and legendary pants-makers Agent Provocateur have, cunningly, decided to flip the situation on its head like some sort of lingerie piledriver.

Paz de la Huerta for Agent Provocateur

Personally, we don’t get it. We’d much rather be in a position to ask beautiful young women to let us take pictures of their pants with their consent than hang around outside nightclubs for a blurry upskirt shot – but that’s just us, we suppose.

Agent Provocateur (most famous for that ridiculously sexy 2001 video of Kylie Minogue riding a mechanical bull which we’re sure was formative to a lot of our readers) reckon that if you’re going to show off your knickers, you might as well have something fantastic to show.

Here's a second video, to back up our claims

In steps the slightly weird, definitely hot Paz De La Huerta, modelling their Autumn/Winter range of lingerie in situations such as ‘getting out of a limo’, ‘walking down stairs’, ‘showing your bum off to paparazzi’ and ‘oh no my robe has come open everyone can see’.

Fine situations all. She looks, of course, astonishingly good. Maybe she’s going a bit over the top with picking up her bag – the last time we bent over like that we were the wrong side of a bottle and a half of red – but we’re really not in a position to complain at all.