It’s been almost two months since the Royal Wedding. Two months! It’s gone fast, hasn’t it? Many things have changed in that time: Barcelona were crowned European champions after one of the greatest ever performances in history, FIFA’s corruption went more mainstream than a Justin Bieber album, and bean sprouts managed to single-handedly decimate half of Europe’s population. But one thing hasn’t changed in that time: our sheer fondness for Pippa Middleton’s arse.

Pippa Middleton's bum
"I have to share the street with the public?! No way. I'm getting out of here!"

The future-queen-to-be’s-royally-hot-sister (if that isn’t an official title, then DAMNIT why isn't it?) stole the show back on April 29 and that image has been burned on our retinas ever since. Sadly, we haven’t seen nearly enough of Pippa's perfect behind since then – which is why we perked up from our Thursday afternoon lull when these pictures landed on our desk.

Inevitably, Pippa’s movements caused quite a stir among the waiting paparazzi. We wish that people made similar sorts of fusses when we popped down the shops, y’know? It’d just be nice to hear more remarks like, “Wow, FHM, it’s you! We’re so pleased to see you! Haven’t you got even more in shape?!” rather than the, “Errr, do you mind moving away from us? I think you smell a bit” comments that we’re more accustomed to.

Pippa Middleton out walking
Made-up fact: Pippa only ever wears blue dresses on Thursdays. Always.

These pictures have no doubt got you reminiscing fondly back to April 29, when your concentration burst through your bank holiday hangover and focused solely on Pippa’s behind. And because we’re such lovely people, here it is again. Don’t say we don’t do anything for you, even when it is Thursday and we're feeling lull-tastic.

Pippa Middleton's bum
Here comes the bum, dum dum dum dum...