The fashionistas were out in force last night for the Central Saint Martin's 20:20 Fashion Fund dinner at the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair. What a terrible life they all must have. Truly, we pity them all. And we're not being totally sarcastic for once, because if we had to wear some nutjob's hideous creation all night while feeding from the recta of all the 'important' people, we might just lose it. And we'd need a whole lot of Listerine afterwards to boot. Oh, well. There must be some compensation. We imagine that it comes in the form of coloured bits of paper. RED couloured bits of paper to be precise. The ones we've never seen. 

Pixie Lott and January Jones at 20:20 Fashion Launch

It was very good of Pixie Lott to take her great-grandmother out for the evening. And, as g-gilfs go, we would have to say it would be a resounding yes. Hold on. We don't know who gave us that previous bit of information, but forget it. Apparently, in the middle, is some woman called Donatella Versace. After extensive googling, and oogling, we have no idea of either who she is, or how she managed to wangle her way in. And on the right there, if you hadn't noticed already, is none other than Mad Men actress January Jones. Three shades of blonde, two of which are natural. Who is the impostor?

Pixie Lott at 20:20 Fashion Launch party

We'll give you a clue. It wasn't Pixie. We asked for a lock of her hair, and the DNA results, direct from FHM's department of science, proved conclusive. Though it was a clip of her dog's hair that she gave us, so that could've potentially skewed the data. Anyhow, with regards to Donatella and January, the jury is still out.