Ahh Pixie Lott. Another welcome appearance. This weekend she’s been trying to find a way of getting between Katy Perry and the limelight at the Radio 1 Teen Awards. And we’re going to lavish some of said limelight on her, because she definitely deserves it.

In fact, don’t you think Pixie Lott is really on a par with Katy Perry? Now that might sound like a bit of a strange question seeing as Katy Perry is always right in front of you in some skimpy latex dress or holding hands with Russell Brand, but that’s just what she does. Pixie Lott is a bit more understated than that, she’s the one that would greet your opening line with a smile rather than a call to Brand’s right fist.

Headshot of Pixie Lott at the Radio 1 Teen Awards in a red dress

Pixie was probably on her guard last night though, because Professor Green was performing at the same awards, and Green is like most men in Britain – he has an infatuation with Miss Lott. Join the queue pal, she probably thinks you’re way too clingy anyway with all that ‘I need you tonight’ lark.

Now, what would the teenagers pick as their favourite TV show? And who would they pick as best actor? And who would they pick as best dressed? (HINT: It’s exactly the same as best actor because those who voted have an obsession that blinds them from acknowledging any other man exists.) But the big question that we’re asking is who was the hotter at the awards? Pixie:

Pixie Lott in a red dress at the Radio 1 Teen Awards

Or Katy:

Katy Perry singing in a white latex dress with a gumball machine on it

Answers on a postcard/comment/twitter @cmedland

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