Pixie Lott’s only 19. We always feel a bit immoral lusting after girls born in the 90s, but technically there’s nothing wrong with it so GET OFF OUR BACK ALREADY, lawyers.

The high note hitting platinum-haired pop starlet has had a busy 19 years. According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, she’s a singer-songwriter, dancer and actress. She’s had number one singles, double platinum albums, countless sold-out gigs, appeared in West End shows, got straight As in her GCSE’s and recently crushed the dreams of desperate sob story laden losers as a guest judge on The X Factor.

When we were nineteen, our greatest achievements were winning the Champions League on Championship Manager with Accrington Stanley, eating thirteen slices from the Pizza Hut buffet and completing a Rubik's Cube when we had chicken pox. It took three days, we had to use the ‘How to solve a Rubik's Cube’ book, but we did it. Yes, that last green square does look a lot like someone’s coloured in a white one. What of it?

Now, some jobless loser will have to update the Wikipedia entry and add 'designer and model' to the list because P-Lott's gone and designed and modelled some lovely clothes for high-street fashion brand Lipsy. 

Pixie's also just moved into her own East London flat. Perhaps she wants a flatmate... wonder if she likes Championship Manager... we could enjoy a nice Pizza Hut buffet and discuss communal bill paying arrangements...

D'you like that idea, Pix?

We'll take that as a yes.

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