But, then again, so did everyone else. Pixie Lott isn’t exactly an exception, as the sky Gods unleashed their fury upon the poor damp festivalgoers at the Isle of Wight festival over the last couple of days.

Britain does one thing well, and that’s bleakness. Oh, it handles nice weather fairly well too, don’t get us wrong – long, hazy days on freshly-mowed lawns drinking cider with ice in and running away from wasps – but there’re fewer things more bleak than the grey, washed-out sky that covers this green isle more days than not.

 Pixie Lott sings at the Isle of Wight music fesival
Pixie hoped desperately that someone would give her a lift

Rain, too, is bleak. Miserable even. So we’re lucky to have Pixie Lott dressed up in funky 60s clothes to lighten the mood, even a little. Lovely Pixie Lott. She’s like pure sunshine condensed down into a pair of vintage hot pants. You could sit next to her and probably get a tan, she’s so lovely.

That said, next time you see Pixie when she’s out and about, don’t break out the deckchairs and suncream. She’d probably be upset or at the very least confused, because chances are she won’t have read this article.

Fun fact: Kate Moss, celebrating her Hen Do at the festival, got through 120 bottles of rum in the first day. (We assume she had help.) What did you do the last time you finished your rum? Popped down the offie? Not our Kate. She had a further 180 bottles helicoptered in for free, which rather knocks the bloke who brings you overpriced Stellas on a scooter into a cocked hat.