Pixie Lott, singer and wearer of fantastically short dresses, wore cat ears last week. We're alright with this. Not because we're into cats, you understand. We're into Pixie Lott.

Take your average house cat, for example – they're spoiled, overweight, entitled and generally murderous little bastards who'd kill you for food if they were a) big enough and b) worked out how to open cans for themselves. Cats, despite their undeniable popularity on this here internet, are total dicks.

Pixie Lott gives it some RAWR at the Radio 1 Teen Awards
Bet they'd wear sunglasses inside if they could

Yet we love them. For many of the same reasons, we love Pixie Lott. Pixie (who was performing at the Radio 1 Teen Awards over the weekend, in case you're interested, she doesn't dress like a cat just for the hell of it or anything) is cute. Cats are cute. 

She's agile (look at those legs and tell us she can't run like hell when she needs to), much in the same way as a cat is – we bet she's never fallen off a fence, for example. She's also touchably soft – at least, well, we assume she is. Not in a weird way, you understand. We're not touching her. It's just a confident guess.

Pixie Lott gives it some RAWR at the Radio 1 Teen Awards
Pixie calm down it was A GUESS, jeez

And Pixie won't leave half-dead birds flapping pitifully around your living room as a gift. She won't hack up hairballs on your settee when your girlfriend's parents are visiting. And the sounds she produces with her mouth are lovely, unlike the mad yowling the cat three houses down produces on an almost weekly basis.1

So, in closing – Cats are okay. Pixie lot is great. Pixie Lott with cat ears is awesome.

1 Seriously. It's like someone is using a sick cat to beat ANOTHER sick cat to death. That's what it sounds like.