It’s been another day in the life of Pixie Lott. Obviously. But today in the life of Pixie she has been at the Soho Hotel in London for the launch of Fred: The Movie. And the key promotional tool for this film (aside from Pixie) was the humble balloon:

This is her first foray in to films, and guess what Pixie’s role is? That’s right, she’s the hot girl next door, which means that Fred: The Movie sounds like it was born out of most bloke’s daydreams. And that could well make it the greatest movie ever made, although we highly doubt it. Basically it is a film produced by Nickelodeon (and a few others) that premiered on the channel back in September. Which is the basis of our doubt.

This appears to be the next step on the Pixie Lott path to world domination. Singing and dancing conquered, she’s also well on her way in the fashion world. Now it’s time for film, and who knows what she’s planning next. Rumour has it that Obama is having her every move tracked. (Rumour just created by us).

Well, we don’t know what her next move is, but this did get us thinking about what the future of the world may hold under Pixie Lott. Maybe the day will come where she is buying out Liverpool, looking after Gurkhas and making people say "Thatcher didn’t sort things like this". But until such times are upon us, here’s some more of Baroness-to-be Lott: