When FHM was younger our mother would write our name on our underpants to make sure we didn’t lose them in the free-for-all that was a primary school football team changing room. It worked too. Not once did anyone mistake our The Dukes of Hazzard briefs for theirs.

At this point you’re wondering what the point of this anecdote is, so we’ll explain. After last night’s Brit Awards, pop sensation Pixie Lott went out to the Universal Aftershow Party and, because it was such a big party, her stylist dressed her in a ‘Pixie’ necklace to fend off the possibility of her getting lost.

How big a party was it? Well, other celebrities to get out of grey cars and walk in included: Richard Bacon; Fearne Cotton; Jessie J; Emma Willis; James Corden; Robbie Williams; Caroline Flack and FHM’s socialite buddy Hofit Golan, who we partied with this summer, while attempting to squire a supermodel.

Surprise, surprise, we never achieved this goal, but we did chat-up a hot Czech called Celia, lunch next to Adriana Karembeu and have bubbly sprayed on us by Paris Hilton. We licked it off the dancefloor. We’re not proud.

Pixie Lott is proud, however, and rightly so. The Bromley-born 20-year-old did, after all, come 45th in last year’s FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World ranking. Who was one place above her? Britney Spears. That’s pretty heady company, but we expect Pixie to leave Britney trailing in her wake this year. Why? Because a) she “likes to wear sparkly pants” and b) she’s got lovely legs, which, as this picture proves, she “likes to show off”. Yup, that’ll do it.

Dress should have used protection