We love versatile women. We also like strong, ambitious women who aren't afraid to try new things, career-wise of course. Which is why Pixie Lott, who's done singing, acting, dancing (granted, with varying degrees of success), and is now taking serious steps into becoming a fashion designerm is great. Vivenne Westwood, look out. There's a new sexy young creative genius snapping at your heels.

For, we can reveal, House of Fraser have announced that they will be launching the new collection of Lipsy dresses designed by Pixie's fair hand. That's quite a coup in the fashion world, we think. It's the equivalent of Scorcese asking us to star in his next epic. Well, what would be so bad about that? Surely you're getting sick of seeing Leonardo DiCaprio in every one of his films. It'd be a refreshing change, having one of us lot in the title role. We're cheap, low maintenance, unfussy and easily amused. If you're reading this, Scorcese, give it some thought.

Here she is, proudly displaying one of her fabulous creations. Look at the colour, the pattern, the smooth, silky material. We'd wear it. In private, of course. We wouldn't want that sort of thing to become public knowledge now, would we?