Spring has sprung. So why not take a bath in the middle of Trafalgar square? Playboy models Victoria Eisermann and Monica Harris have done just that.

They’re doing it to protest against meat and animal products for the Animal Rights agency PETA. This is very confusing for us, because we like beautiful women and we want to make them happy, but we also like steak. And sausages. And bacon. And ham. And vension.

And bunnies, like Victoria Eisermann.

Plus they’re asking us to go vegan, not just vegetarian. So no cheese or milk either. Have you ever seen a vegan you didn’t want to punch, just a little bit? They’re so smug about it. Like avoiding eating meat makes you special somehow. Newsflash: you’re not Jesus, buddy. You just eat a lot of lentils.

It’s confusing, but at the very least it’s better than the other non-traditional protests that PETA have undertaken – generally involving people dressed up as animals and covered in blood, then splayed out around the steps of some important building. Looks rather like a furry pride march ran into a group gun-wielding gangsters, and one party owed the other money. It’s not pretty, which is sort of the point.

Luckily we take showers, so we don't have to worry about this, right?

But this is pretty, which is sort of the point too. God, PETA, sort yourselves out. If you had more busty naked women taking baths in the middle of our capital – or posing naked to prove that fur is a crime via some rather roundabout logic – then maybe we’d stop and think about how often it is you need to bathe a steak to make it clean, or whatever it is you’re saying. 

Showing us grown men and women in bloodstained rabbit one-pieces upsets us and makes us nip off to McDonalds to cheer ourselves up.