If you’re someone who enjoys watching folks being hustled out of their hard-earned through a variety of tricks, scams and general hoodwinkery, you’ll have noticed that The Real Hustle is back on BBC3.

You’ll no doubt have been pleased to note that wallet-emptying hyper-babe Jessica-Jane Clement is still in it.

Jessica-Jane Clement hot
Still in it, and still hot

You’ll also have noticed, perhaps with some suspicion, that there’s a new attractive lady present.

“Hmm, two gorgeous brunettes now, is it?” you’ll have remarked. “I’m not falling for this one. It’s bound to be some kind of trick. Just when I start to think the good old Beeb have treated us to twice as many stunning tricksy ladies for this new series, this new one will be unmasked like a Scooby Doo villain and reveal she’s actually Noel Edmonds in disguise.”

Well no she won’t, you paranoid fool, because she’s new addition Polly Parsons.

Polly Parsons nipples
Here she is. With a kettle and a plastic cup. Make of that what you will


Polly Parsons is 24 years old and was born 24 years ago in Bristol. As a child, she enjoyed dancing singing, horse-riding and hockey. Apparently her penchant for bamboozling unsuspected simpletons out of their wonga developed later.

P-Pars now lives in north London and, when not working as a presenter or model, enjoys bikram yoga, painting and traveling. She also has three canine friends, called Frank, Lulu and Coco. The presence of these dogs in Polly's life probably doesn't bother you any. It grates on us IMMENSELY because we had to sift through about FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY NINE BILLION pictures of the cute little fluffmonsters on her Twitter page while looking for the surrounding pics.

Polly Parsons hot
If not for our work ethic, this would have been a picture of a small puppy having a nap

For fans of fanciful dreaming:

Imagine what it would be like to go out with Polly Parsons. Actually, stop, you don't need to, we've done it for you.

It'd be great. She's undeniably gorgeous, she seems like a thoroughly lovely person, and she'd text you pictures of her and Jessica-Jane Clement frolicking around together in the changing room. Probably.

But it would also be terrible. You'd be constantly on edge. Never quite knowing whether you could trust her, or whether she was about to pool the wool over your eyes in some kind of elaborate duping.

Do you like being duped?

No. You do not.

No one likes being duped.

Polly Parsons sexy
You think she's just resting all cute and that, but she's actually plotting. Plotting a DUPE