Man, as if we haven't got enough to hold against Mark Zuckerberg, what with that nifty Facebook thing taking over our lives, he's only gone and won T3's Gadget Personality of the Year Award by LITERALLY STEALING IT OUT OF THE HANDS of beautiful Gadget Show presenter Pollyanna Woodward.

Okay, we got ahead of ourselves there. He didn't literally steal anything. He did win the award, though, relegating poor Pollyanna to 'nominated' status and another year of crushed hopes and broken dreams.

Pollyanna Woodward at the FHM 100 Sexiest party
Here she is at our 100 Sexiest party, in case you've forgotten what she looks like

Three reasons why Pollyanna should have won, accompanied by some videos of her looking fantastic:

1. It's a 'personality' award. Does Zuckerberg even have a personality? We doubt it. When he speaks, it's like hearing pre-recorded words issued forth from a robot inside his chest cavity, and he stares blankly ahead in almost all his pictures while he struggles to count his billions of dollars in his head.

Pollyanna has a personality, though, and that personality is 'lovely'. She can make cameras interesting. We could barely care less about cameras, most days.

2. We bet Mark Zuckerberg doesn't even care that he's won. He's probably too busy sailing his golden yacht on oceans of caviar, or something similar. Pollyanna would no doubt be overjoyed to win the award and probably do a photoshoot and everything.

3. We don't fancy Mark Zuckerberg at all. Not even slightly, like that thing we have going for Jude Law – nothing. Zilch. Zip. We do fancy Pollyanna, though, which might not count as a proper reason for her winning the award but SHUT UP.

Polly, along with the other presenters of The Gadget Show, are going to be visible to your naked eyes at the Gadget Show 2012, which we will be at. Assuming they send us a ticket. Please send us a ticket. Please.