Preeya Kalidas has NEVER been mentioned on FHM before. For that, we apologise. It was just an oversight. Like forgetting to do up your flies in the morning or not putting tinfoil down when you grill bacon so the fat drips all over the grill and down into the pan bit.

If you’re not familiar with Preeya Kalidas, you obviously didn’t watch Eastenders between April 2009 and April 2010 and weren’t one of the six people who bought her single Shimmy, sending it catapulting to 85th in the UK charts.

Here she is being all in EastEnders and that:

"What d'you mean you forgot the tinfoil?"

Here is a video of her being all sing-y and danc-y: 

This is all well and good, but that was nearly a year ago – what has Preeya Kalidas been doing since then?

Getting herself in rather fantastic shape, it would seem. On Tuesday she went to the Brit Awards wearing a figure-hugging one-piece catsuit that left little to the imagination (good job, really – our imagination is perpetually occupied by unicorns and spaghetti).

For everything else there's an attractive lady in a tight outfit

And last night she went to the premiere of the oxymoronically titled Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

Heston tried to sneak off camera without being spotted

Yeah, yeah, she wore the same shoes. GOI.

Justin-bloody-Bieber, eh? That thing is some kind of phenomenon. He's only 16, he's worth about $100 million, he's had over a billion views on Youtube, has 6.3 million Twitter followers and 16.5 million pals on Facebook. And, perhaps even more interestingly, if you Google "Justin Bieber will one day be eaten alive by a three-legged camel" you get 42,300 results.

Just saying.