Lovely Victoria Silvstedt, like a fine wine, is aging beautifully. Although we that she’s staying sexy as all hell regardless of age, so she’s more like a fine honey or a fine salt, something non-perishable like that. Anyway.

Victoria Silvestedt wearing a white bikini
Maybe a fine sugar

Victoria’s in Cannes right now, like everyone else (aside from us, boo), and on account of it being all warm and lovely over there she’s wearing a bikini. Which is fitting, really. If we were over there (and we’re not, we’re stuck in a distinctly grey London town, just so you know) then there’d probably be a slew of paparazzi shots of us in shorts and sandals. Maybe a vest if it gets a bit nippy.

Well, there probably wouldn’t be, on account of us not being very famous. Still, you get the idea.

Last time we saw Victoria on this site, we went off into an almost meaningless ramble about her relevance to Platonic philosophy; we’re not entirely sure why. It seemed like a good idea at the time. We guess you’ve got to write something, and Victoria (a bit like that Irina Shayk woman) doesn’t really do much of note.

Victoria Silvestedt wearing a white bikini

Aside from appearing in bikinis, obviously. That’s clearly worthy of note. We’ve noted it a lot. However, there’s not a lot else to say, and we exhausted everything we knew about Platonic philosophy on that one article. Actually, we exhausted everything we knew about philosophy period.

Ho hum. Guess you’ll have to make do with looking at the pictures. C’est la vie.