First things first: the lovely Rachel Bilson wore leather hotpants. Blake Lively wore a very short skirt. Both of them have absolutely stonking legs, and they’re not afraid to get them out for the lads, as it were. Which is great.

They both went to this Chanel fashion show last weekend, which really we couldn’t care less about. Perhaps if there was a fashion show that just featured their legs. And the legs of other women, too, if they want. We’re equal opportunity types when it comes to women’s legs.

Shame about the jacket really

While Blake’s not done an awful lot worth commenting on recently (aside, obviously, from wearing that skirt) Rachel’s been starring in some adverts for Magnum ice cream.

Except, right, they’re not called adverts, apparently. They’re called “short films” and they’ve been directed by the legendarily creepy Karl Lagerfeld, who looks like a cross between a sex offender and a Bond villain.

That man behind him is his handler. If Karl talks to a woman, he's been trained to administer non-lethal electric shocks

Here’s the plot for all three unique films: Rachel Bilson is doing something glamorous, like having her picture taken at a photoshoot, or being a ballerina. It’s very stressful work and she’s always bothered by some bloke, so at some point in the commericial – sorry, sorry, short film – she’ll break off from proceedings, find a curiously edgeless safety fridge, and take a magnum out of it.

Then she’ll hurriedly unwrap it and eat it. Normally, on adverts, someone bites into an ice cream and it cuts away to the promotional logo. Not so here! None of your cheap advertising tricks for Karl Lagerfeld, all-powerful Master of Film who incidentally can’t go near local schools.

These men are actually guards posted to watch out for Karl Lagerfield

No, instead, we watch Rachel slowly eat the ice-cream until it becomes a bit awkward and she doesn’t know where to look. And then we watch it a bit more. Here, if you really want to watch it for yourself, we’ve stuck one of the videos in below. Warning: this video reinforces the largely false stereotype that Frenchmen are jerks.

Great stuff, Karl. Thankfully Rachel basically saves the day by being so pretty.