In case you haven’t heard, this week is London Fashion Week. But it’s not just any fashion week. It’s Autumn/Winter fashion week, which basically means models are showcasing the stuff that your girlfriend won’t be able to afford from September to December, rather than the stuff that she won’t be able to afford over the summer months.

And talking of summer, she is in the house. Californian actress Rachel Bilson – a.k.a Summer Roberts in The O.C – jetted over to the UK earlier this week, booked into the hotel opposite FHM’s office and attended yesterday’s Burberry Prorsum fashion show.

Photographers: occasionally rubbish

So far, so dull, but it’s time to ramp up your excitement levels, because the 29-year-old was wearing – duh, duh, duh – a dress that, as you can see, was split at the front, spilt up both legs and backless. Now that’s what we call fashion.

Suicide Leaf would later be granted a state funeral

We also call a pink vest and frilly pants fashion, which is why we’ve decided to ‘sex-up’ this story by including two pictures of Rachel wearing, well, a pink vest and frilly pants.

The Honey Monster was a foreplay God 

She looks hot, doesn’t she? But does she look hot enough to finish higher than 34th in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011. Why the fascination with 34th? Because that’s where Rachel ranked last year, one place above Sarah Harding, one place below Elisha Cuthbert and 20 places below Mila Kunis, who we’ll be honest, we’re a little obsessed with right now.

Other things we’re currently obsessed with: vajazzling; Marius Zaliukis’ header against Dundee United and the rash on our cheek that Savlon isn’t curing. Any ideas?

Two day later, Scrub would be served with a restraining order