American actress and ex-The O.C. star Rachel Bilson kissed a girl in a recent episode of the American sit-com How I Met Your Mother. Bilson is starring as a female person called Cindy, and the dudette she’s kissing is known only as “Cindy’s roommate”, according to our sources.

Having made her name appearing in 92 episodes of The O.C. between 2003 – 2007, 29-year-old Bilson plays Cindy in the first and second episodes of season six of How I Met Your Mother called Girls Versus Suits and Big Days. Things haven’t quite gone to plan for Bilson, who told The Independent in 2006 she was looking for the kind of roles “that Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson are offered”.

How I Met Your Mother has been rocking it hard on the American TV channel CBS since 2005 and stars big hitters of the acting world like Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan.

36-year-old Josh Radnor has been in Law & Order, Six Feet Under and has featured as a voice in Family Guy. 30-year-old Jason Segel has been in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Knocked Up. 28-year-old Jacoba Francisca Maria ‘Cobie’ Smulders is a lady and has been in The Slammin’ Salmon and The L Word. 37-year-old Neil Patrick Harris has been in Will & Grace, Glee and The Penguins of Madagascar and has been nominated for six awards for his performances as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother. And 36-year-old Alyson Hannigan was Willow Rosenberg in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Michelle Flaherty in American Pie.

This is like the worst IMDb entry of all time, saved only by Rachel Bilson kissing a girl and this immense slice of Bilson trivia: her favourite animals are pigs and she will not eat any pork products. Awooga!