Rachel Bilson and her beautiful legs went along to the CW Upfront event last week, and – you guessed it – she looked fantastic. Of course she did. She’s Rachel Bilson. You can see that she even looks great when she’s worried, because these pictures were taken scant days before the Rapture was set to occur.

The CW Upfront event is about new shows being released on the CW network, which we hadn’t heard of either. Apparently they do stuff like America’s Next Top Model, 90210, and Gossip Girl, so you can’t really blame us. Anyway, back to the Rapture.

Now, last Saturday was a rather special one, as it was the end of the world. Apparently. (Astute readers will be able to look outside the window and note that it’s not the end of the world. Well, astute readers outside of Scotland will be able to, anyway) According to some religious bloke in the States with a little too much time on his hands.

Rachel Bilson at the CW Upfront Event
We thought it was the devil who made light work for idle hands

What happens at the end of the world? Well, all the faithful (so, um, not many of us really) bodily ascend to heaven during this Rapture dealy, leaving their clothes behind. We’d already unpacked all of our big blue IKEA bags so that we could go around and collect them and set up a sort of post-apocalyptic scavenger’s Primark. Alas, we were disappointed.

The rapture, you’ll note, didn’t happen. There were a couple of earthquakes and an Icelandic volcano went off, which is all well and good, but crucially no-one ascended to heaven and left their shoes behind.

Shame. We don’t know whether Rachel believes in the Rapture or not (probably not, but it’s scary how many Americans did) but if she did, we’re glad to see she was putting on a brave face days before the end. But she probably didn’t.