Rachel Bilson got to meet Heidi Klum at the Milan Fashion Week, which we are sure was very enjoyable for her. After the weekend, the week continued (funny, that) and the rather nice Miss Bilson was in attendance, fresh from necking with a rather fine blonde number on How I Met Your Mother in the U.S last week – we still have that to look forward to on these shores.

And while Rachel and Heidi were busy become BFF’s, Megan Fox made an appearance too. Of course, she didn’t need to meet anyone; she’s Megan Fox for crying out loud. The only things she needed to meet were a bunch of camera lenses, which she kindly did.

Now we reckon fashion week’s are actually pretty good – especially when you look at the large array of garments Milan were completely ignoring last week and just modelling bikini’s instead.

But there could be improvements. For starters models should really change outfits on stage, we know that’s what they’re doing behind the curtain so why hide it? Designers should be challenged too; get a nude Fox-esque model and start from scratch. A bit like when you used to make your own wrestler on Smackdown and spent ages making sure the flared jeans weren’t the same as Jeff Hardy’s but just as cool. Obviously where the models are concerned it would be more along the lines of ‘is this bra too see-through?’ As if there is such a thing.