Good news: There’s another fashion week going on (this one’s in Paris) which means lots of good-looking fashionista’s showing up in one place. Bad news: this is the last big one for a while. Rachel Bilson is obviously very keen on her fashion, because we found her at the Milan week, and now she’s in Paris. What a jet-setter eh?

Maintenant, voici une image de Rachel:

It's like a leopard-mermaid

Yeah, check our French. Cultured.

Paris obviously appeals to Rachel, and after a bit of a look, it does to us too. Because it appears that the new ‘in’ style is going to be see-through. Ace. Here’s one model wearing something see-through:

And guess what? Here’s another one:

Remember girls: see-through = in, not see-through = out.

Now, Milan looked quite good to us, but after some thorough research (yeah that’s right, doing the donkey work to make your life easier – you’re welcome) we think we’ve found a few of our favourite fashion weeks: Miami and Rio. Why? You ask. Well, because these are swimwear-only fashion weeks.

And there’s another date for your diary (you’ve got a diary?) in November: 30th is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Ahhhhhhhhh. It’s live on the telly over in the States, and might just be worth the price of a flight and hotel for the night. In fact, it’s probably our duty to go and watch it for you, and then report back. It’s a service we provide y’know? Now, where’s the man with the money…

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