Looking at these pictures of Rachel McAdams promoting her new film Morning Glory on the red carpet this week, we couldn’t help but notice she’s stepped things up a bit in the sexy stakes. Phew! So hard to avoid erection puns.

Our favourite eco twiglet and her sideboob

McAdams isn't famous for being the Queen of raunch. She doesn't have time for that 'cos she's busy most of the time being the Queen of making your girlfriend cry then analyse how romantic your relationship is. Cue lots of tearful sentences that start with ‘You never....’

In fact, the same applies to all films that come under the umbrella heading of ‘ones with Channing Tatum in that all blend together and make you want to gauge out your eyes with the tiny Haagen Dazs spoon.’

Nope, no erection puns here

She may be a bit of a wet weekend in the acting department, but by George she’s spiced it up in the wardrobe department. They’re modest, but sideboob is sideboob and Rachel is flaunting it.

After declining to do the infamous nude Vanity Fair cover she said: ‘What bothers me is our culture's obsession with nudity. It shouldn't be a big deal, but it is.’ Well that is as may be Rachel, but you aren’t fooling us with your shiny teeth and eco-chick bike riding – you are a sneaky flesh flasher.

To be honest we’re not holding out great hopes for chick flick Morning Glory. Richard Curtis is involved, McAdams wears a lot of polyester and the soundtrack features Natasha Bedingfield, which is never a good sign.