Bit of a misleading headline, that. Rachel Stevens isn't competing in the 2012 Olympics (although having a 100m Sexiness would make us tune in, maybe, we're just saying) nor is she participating on 90's quiz show Going For Gold hosted by Henry Kelly. Or the disastorous remake in 2008 hosted by that Poirot bloke.

Rachel Stevens looks gorgeous at the Sony Radio Academy Awards 2011
You'd think he'd be more interested in solving crimes

Instead, lovely Rachel Stevens was wearing a golden dress. What? Okay, it was a dress that was the colour of gold. It wasn't actually made of gold, because that would be far too expensive and also, we'd imagine, dreadfully uncomfortable despite gold being one of the most malleable metals. It was just a normal golden dress like you'd buy at a golden dress shop.

God, you're picky today. We're sorry we tried to put a bit of flair in our headlines. Don't worry, we'll be back to normal soon.

Rachel Stevens, then, was at the Sony Radio academy awards where she was wearing said fancy dress, which is great. We don't think she won an award, though. She's not on the radio or anything.

Rachel Stevens looks gorgeous at the Sony Radio Academy Awards 2011
Look at her left hand. She's like a glam wolverine

We've not seen her around here recently, if you don't count a brief stint as official Orange cinema mascot (that is, she was the mascot for the phone company's cinema promotions, not that she was an actual orange). Apparently she's been having a baby or some other such nonsense. Which is fine, we guess.

Come back, Rachel. We miss you. We've barely seen you in ages and the tape recordings of Strictly Come Dancing are starting to get scratchy and worn from all the pausing and rewinding.