Tennis WAGs: the WAGs of Wimbledon

Posted by , 16 June 2011

Rebecca Hewitt

Partner: Lleyton Hewitt

Forget old wobbly-cheeks Alf Ramsay. Forget he of the flat head Donald Fisher. The single best thing to come out of Summer Bay is Rebecca Hewitt.

Then Rebecca Cartwright, she played hot-but-annoying Hayley for seven years, and found time to release an eponymous pop album which rocked the Australian charts and flew straight to number 21.

She married Lleyton Hewitt in 2005 at Sydney Opera House and had the wedding reception at Taronga Zoo. Yeah, that’s right, a zoo. With animals and all that. That sounds like the kind of wedding we’d go to. Sod you, naff old town hall with your crusty sandwiches, free bar that runs out by 6pm and abundant nan-dancing.

A weird and unrelated but nonetheless entertaining quote from barmy but brilliant Boris Becker:
“The eyes of some of the fans at Davis Cup matches scare me. There’s no light in them. Fixed emotions. Blind worship. Horror. It makes me think of what happened to us long ago.”

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