In Hollywood, if you can tick these three boxes then you know you've got it made. The first is if you get strange men with voyeuristic devices camping outside your house day and night. The second is whether you can confidently say to a car jockey, "Park my Gallardo for me, boy, and be quick about it!". The third, however, is the most important. A place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And what a worthy recipient Reese Witherspoon is. Her performance in the Legally Blonde films would have been enough to warrant a star in itself, but it was her turn in last year's Monsters Vs. Aliens that really swung it for the judges. Her verbal dexterity puts Robin Williams to shame. We'll never know how she managed to maintain that silly Southern accent throughout.

Reese Witherspoon with comatose dog at Hollywood Walk of Fame

Reese also took her two kids along to the momentous event, but they were firmly kept on the sidelines in favour of her prized poochie, who made a couple of doggy prints in the clay. When her children attempted to copy the said poochie, they were arrested and charged with criminal damage.

Reese wasn't happy about being in between Big Bird and the Olsen twins

We're actually very pleased that Reese was awarded a star, because she seems like a bit of a Mother Theresa all round. She's a big charity campaigner, and even went to Downing Street last year to raise awareness about domestic violence, where she had to endure meeting the Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown. He subsequently confused her for Renee Zellweger. She forgave the lumbering incompetent for his transgression, but as we're still eating baked beans out of a tin every night, it's going to be a while before we can.