Reese Witherspoon has been out and about in that there New York City. Last night she was at an Avon Foundation gala, doing her bit and making nice to the camera.

The 34-year-old Legally Blonde and Walk the Line star was at the 42nd Street do because she’s the Honorary Chair of the Avon Foundation. Isn’t that nice? Obviously got nothing to do with the fact that Avon released her perfume…

Woah, where did that cynicism come from? Next we’ll be claiming that the Russians have got something to hide in their World Cup bid. Back in your cage. The really important thing above all of that right now is that Reese was looking pretty damn good:

We’ll keep cynicism away by getting factual: Reese was born in America but actually spent four years growing up in Germany, and can trace her family roots back to Scotland. Maybe these bits of different nationality add up to great looks? We’ll send Sarah Jessica-Parker to Guam for a few years and see what happens, and if nothing happens we’ll leave her there. No more Sex and the City films. Fist pump.

We haven’t seen Witherspoon in a new film since Four Christmases back in 2008 – we’ve only been treated to her lovely voice since then – but she will be back on screen in the romantic comedy How Do You Know alongside Jack Nicholson, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson later in the year. Which means a bunch of launch parties and more looking like this. Woohoo.

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