Rihanna’s hot, yes? She’s edgy, and she’s hot. But it looks a bit like she knows it. And if you asked Rihanna what she felt her best feature was, it appears that she would say her lower back. Bit odd you might say – but that’s what it looks like she’s telling us when you see what she was wearing last night:

Your eyes deceive you not. That, gents, is a mock fried egg on the back of her pants. A mock fried egg that she thought the crowd at MTV’s The Seven in New York’s Times Square needed to see. In case you really want to know, The Seven is a new show over the water that counts down the biggest seven celebrity stories of the day. It wouldn’t really work over here as it would just have to be called The One, plus six stories about Cheryl Cole.

She does pick some outfits that girl. It looks like she’s got a pair of Topman gimmick underwear on, and she started her performance by hiding it all beneath some Liam Gallagher tribute. That said, she could probably wear the workings of a dung beetle and still somehow pull it off.

Actually RiRi, don’t go wearing that, we can overlook some things but we’re not sure you sporting dung rolled by a beetle is one of them. Nor having to call you RiRi for much longer. It’s like referring to a baby that has grasped the first syllable of its name and nothing else.

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